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Subproject participants


The partnership includes four regions. The project coordinator at the beginning of the project will establish a Steering Committee (SC) with the participation of one or more members of each partner. The SC will perform periodic meeting. Therefore, each partner will participate in coordination activities. According to the work plan established by the coordinator each partner must respect the time according to the tables and provide useful material to complete common tasks. Control of the activities will be made through a very extensive reporting an unofficial report every three months and an official report every 6 months.

Each partner in the region will be responsible for the following activities: data collection, participation in the preparation of the catalog of best practices, organization of 3 stakeholder forum with participation in the development of communications tools.



  • University of Calabria - the lead-subproject partner, is a state-run university in Italy. Located in Arcavacata di Rende, a suburb of Cosenza, the university was founded in 1972 and it currently has about 35.000 students.
  • Silla National Parc -  was established in 1997 and covers about 74,000 ha of charming and wild areas in Calabria, Italy, characterized by the presence of several rural and tourist villages and a very rich artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Municipality of Remetea -  is a mountain village, with a Hungarian speaking population of 6.200 inhabitants, located in Harghita county, historic province of Transylvania, Romania
  • Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services -  is a Finnish state enterprise that manages protected areas, recreation areas and wilderness areas comprising 37 national parks, 17 strict nature reserves, 12 wilderness areas and nearly 500 natural reserves
  • Province la Spezzia -  is a province in the Liguria region of Italy. Its capital is the city of La Spezia and it has an area of 881 km² with a total population of 223.000 inhabitants. There are 32 municipalities in the province


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