PASFORMMA Objectives

Subproject Objectives


The re-evaluation and the subsequent enhancement of a community is not just a financial issue: investment that does not take into account the sustainability of all components of the heritage of an area are generally short-term speculative reasons and are therefore not compatible with ' horizon of a zrf.

The concept of participation is at the heart of the development of an area's quality of life of residents, in the expectation that this arouses among them a feeling of belonging and civic engagement. This seems to be an essential condition to ensure the sustainability of the development of a zrf.
Having the above concepts in mind the objectives of the proposal are:
• Develop a model for the Management of a ZRF on the basis of the ‘Criteria and Principles’ of the SFM;
• Elaboration of a catalog of opportunities to develop zrf in a transdisciplinary perspective that highlights the cultural, environmental, social and economic sustainability.


This catalog will combine experiences of each partner i.e. ‘Best Practices’ acquired in the context of previous initiatives;
• Establishment and development of a model of participatory communication within a zrf. Participation will be achieved by using the following tools: a) forum and meeting with stakeholder and institution at local and international scale; b) a wed based communication tool (e-democracy tool) defined into this proposal;  
• Application of the model to pilot areas (one for each country i.e. Italy, Romania, Finland) selected on the basis of specific vocation of forested areas and social interest identified by local stakeholders involved into the project by the national partner;
• Integration of results achieved in the context of each pilot area and assessment of the model into the European Context;

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