PASFORMMA Subproject description

Subproject General description


The project idea is based on the development of a participatory forest planning that considers the many aspects necessary for the sustainable management of forests (forest issues, environmental, natural and socio-economic needs of people living in forest areas) .


The Problem.
As mentioned in the meeting of the Liguria Region Camigliatello, one of the serious problems that invests a lot of regions of Europe, and in particular those involved in the project + Robin Wood, is to stop the exodus of young people from rural to urban areas. Remember some of the most acute manifestations of this problem:
- The enormous increase in urban areas, subject to the pressure of migration of endogenous and exogenous, is a source of social and economic problems particularly dangerous and difficult to resolve;
- Regardless of their size, the survival needs of urban communities with a rural background of proximity, can provide not only food resources, but also areas of restoring the environment,

rest and recreation;
- The abandonment of rural areas, made fragile by centuries of human settlement, causing heavy damage particularly in unstable conditions.
The solution to the problem of compensating or at least weaken the attractiveness of urban areas is obviously in increasing that of rural areas.
But how?


The project idea that the University of Calabria will develop, together with all institutions that they deem appropriate, will provide some clues which may give an answer to the previous question.  The field of investigation and action will be limited to rural areas with a strong vocation forest, for convenience, we will call ZRF.
Moreover this project will contribute to the implementation of the ‘Principles and Criteria’ of Sustainable Management of Forest (SFM) as defined in the Pan-European Conferences in Brussel in March 1994.

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